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Pro Wrestling Booker is an independently run text based pro wrestling booker managment/simulation game. For game access including all future updates and account costs just £7.99. To help prevent fraud, and to increase your confidence in purchasing with us, all game accounts can only be purchased ad handled through PayPal. They will accept most forms of payment.

Pro Wrestling Booker firstly allows users to create their own wrestling company set within the PWB universe. You will compete for talent, show attendance, staff, ratings and much more against other real world users from around the globe. You can hire available talent, build fueds, book matches and grow your company and create superstars. Host house shows to pay per views, book tag team matches to a world title hell in a cell match. And along the journey you will have to deal with injuries, your wrestlers egos whilst competing for accolaids and talent against other real world users.

You can also create your own private game world to play along side the default multi player world. Inport your own data in a fully customizable enviroment. With the data you can input talent and staff stats. Create real world scenarios, even inport your own television companies. You can compete in your private game world solo or invite up to five of your friends to compete and play along with you! You are also now able to join up to three of your friends private game worlds and play along side your own game world and the default PWB open multiplayer game world.

"It really is a lot of fun!" - Youtuber Max Marvelous Productions

"The World of Warcraft of Wrestling Games" - YouTuber Durger Time

Youtuber Nicho Gaming playing a within a custom game world

"Pro Wrestling Booker is a fantastic booking simulator, allowing you to compete with friends across the globe for total wrestling domination" - Chase Alexander, British Professional Wrestler

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